Using the Dyson Paddle Brush and Detangling Comb is a great way to achieve a natural hairstyle with a minimal heat damage. They are also suitable for every type of hair.

Dyson Paddle brush

The Dyson-designed 33mm diameter round hairbrush can be used on both wet and dry hair. Due to its detachment ability, it is more effective on wet hair. The shape of the brush with an air-filled pillow and bristles ensures you an optimal results while straightening hair.

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Dyson Detangling comb

The Dyson Detangling comb has two main purposes: untangling and lengthening the hair before drying them, and later styling and finishing after drying. The comb with wide tines is designed with large shiny teeth to glide better through wet and dry hair with minimal friction.

Dyson Designed Detangling Comb and paddle brush for Dyson Supersonic H –  Hamarinn


  • Minimal friction
  • High detangling capacity
  • Heat resistant

What’s in the box?

The box contains a Dyson Paddle brush and a Dyson Detangling comb.