These stylish and innovative LA500 series air purifiers clean indoor air efficiently and quietly. Depending on the model, the device is controlled either manually (touch-sensitive) or using a smart controller. 

Effective and stylish

The LA503 / LA502C air purifiers are well suited for medium-sized rooms such as a living room or an office. Their efficient HEPA 12 filter removes pet dander, viruses and other solid particles. The 3.5kg activated carbon filter is a really effective odor and gas remover. This ensures you a long-term and cost-effective air purification. Thanks to the award-winning Nordic design, it is also pleasing to the eye and fits with various interior styles and spaces. 

LIFA AIR - Product Detail - LA502

Easy to control

These air purifiers come with a smart control panel. This panel measures in real time the amount of pollutants in the air and optimises the air purifier’s performance as needed. The controller allows you to monitor several different parameters such as the amount of PM2.5, TVOC levels, carbon dioxide content of the room, relative humidity and temperature.

Lifa Air LA503 / LA502C Air Purifier


  • Recommended area: 54m2
  • Efficient and quiet
  • High quality air purification
  • Touch control
  • HEPA filter

What’s in the box?

The box contains a LA503 or LA502C air purifier, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon barrel, a monitoring controller, a power adapter, a USB cable, a power cable and a user manual.