Lifa Air LAH302 smart air purifier system with humidifier is a universal triple purification system, designed for ideal indoor air. In addition to cleaning the air, it also aims to keep us healthy during cold times when the heating season is accompanied by dry air.

Keeps us healthy

Lifa Air LAH302 duo helps maintain fresh and clean air indoors, while maintaining the ideal air humidity level. This not only during heating periods, but also during pollen season and hot summer nights. It’s extremely quiet and keeps the humidity level of the room at an ideal 50-65%, which is also perfect for a sleeping child. With its H13 HEPA filter, the device can remove up to 99.99% of germs, dust, pet dander and other allergens down to 0.01 microns.  It’s perfect for people with allergies or breathing difficulties. Responsible for Every Breath: LAH302

Easy and smart

Pour water directly onto the OLED display and it will instantly show the amount of water in the device. When the optimal water level is reached, the machine signals to stop pouring water. When the water tank is full, the device turns on the UV filter, which destroys 99.5% of the bacteria in the water. Thanks to the smart system, you always have an overview of how much water is left and when it’s time to refill. The OLED automatically turns itself off when the water tank is empty and signals that it is time to refill.

Lifa Air LAH302 Smart Air Purifier + Humidifier


  • Keeps the humidity level between 50-65%
  • Triple anti-bacterial cleaning system
  • H13 level HEPA filter
  • UV filter 
  • Easily replaceable HEPA and humidifier filters
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Remote control with mobile app
  • Touch control system
  • Recommended area: 60m2
  • 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Humidifier
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 180m3/h

Home air purifier - LIFA air LA300-series – Lifa Air

What’s in the box?

The box contains a Lifa Air LAH302 Air Purifier and Humidifier, an HEPA filter, a power cable, a power adapter and a user manual.