The Oral-B Pro2 2900 electric toothbrush is ergonomic and extremely flexible. It is characterised with an attractive design and a comfortable handle that allows you to turn your teeth brushing into a pleasure.

A gentle and complete brushing

Thanks to the 3D technology and the control of the brushing pressure, deep cleaning and healthy gums are guaranteed. The toothbrush warns you if you use too much pressure while brushing. The built-in timer helps to brush your teeth for the minimum time recommended by dentists and hygienists, which is two minutes. The toothbrush will then switch off automatically.

Oral-B Pro 2 2900 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, 2 Brushes with Visible  Brushing Pressure Sensor, 2 Replacement Heads : Health &  Personal Care

A more extensive cleaning

The Oral-B Pro2 toothbrush is extremely versatile thanks to its lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts for more than two weeks and is therefore the ideal electric toothbrush to take with you on a trip or a holiday. Designed in collaboration with a team of dentists and experts, the brushes cover each tooth separately, providing you a more complete cleaning and healthier gums. This will ensure you an effective cleanliness that lasts all day long.

Oral-B® | Elektriline hambahari Pro2 2900

Suitable for everyone

With the integrated pressure sensor and its structure you can set two different brushing modes: daily brushing and gentle brushing. For the daily brushing it uses the softest bristles and for the gentle brushing gentler bristles for more sensitive gums and areas.

Oral-B Pro 2 2000 vs Pro 3 3000 - Electric Teeth


  • Complete cleaning
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • 3D technology
  • 2 brushing modes: Daily and gentle
  • Practical timer with 2-minute intervals
  • The pressure sensor helps protect the gums
  • Cross Action removes up to 100% more teeth plaque

What’s in the box?

the box contains Oral-B Pro2 2900 two electric toothbrushes, two brush heads, a charging station and a user manual.