The Philips HD9654/90 is a black XXL Premium Airfryer specially designed for preparing large quantities at once. Cooking with a Philips Airfryer is more energy efficient and up to 60% cheaper than using your oven.*

An airfryer in XXL format

This airfryer is designed with a family in mind. Thanks to the XXL format, you can easily roast a whole chicken or fry up to 1.4 kilos of fries in one go. With the QuickControl button you not only set the temperature, but also the preparation time. The Philips Airfryer XXL HD9654/90 heats up extra quickly, so you don’t have to preheat the hot air fryer. The quick-selection programs are clearly displayed on the digital touch screen and you can prepare fries, meat, fish and chicken legs with just a push of a button. Thanks to the keep-warm mode, your dish will stay warm for up to half an hour, giving you more freedom to serve the dish when it suits you.

Preparations with less fat

With the Philips Airfryer XXL HD9654/90, you’re provided with an extra-large airfryer, specially designed to extract fat from your food. Thanks to the new Twin TurboStar technology, you can fry, bake, roast and grill your favorite snacks and dishes with no less than 90% less fat than in a traditional deep fryer. This technology ensures that hot air is distributed like a whirlwind throughout the basket and fat is extracted and collected in the fat reducer. The result? Your fries will be crispy all around and the meat will remain wonderfully tender on the inside.

Dishwasher safe and fewer frying smells

Thanks to the included grill base, this airfryer is also suitable for meat, fish and vegetables and the excess fat can simply drip off during grilling. The air fryer’s QuickClean basket has a removable grid with a non-stick coating that is easy to clean. Both the basket and the removable non-stick coated tray are dishwasher safe. Moreover, thanks to hot air frying, you are less likely to suffer from traditional frying smells in your home.
*Energy costs for cooking 1 chicken (Airfryer set to 160 degrees without preheating) or salmon fillet (200 degrees without preheating) compared to using an energy label A oven. Average percentages are based on internal lab measurements with the following products: HD9280, HD9650, HD9270, HD9285, HD9252, HD9200, HD9255, HD9880.