The Playstation Wireless controller PS5 DualSense Edge is the perfect accessory for any gamer looking to enhance their PlayStation 5 gaming experience. This wireless controller offers a sleek and ergonomic design, allowing for comfortable gameplay for hours on end.

With its advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the PS5 DualSense Edge offers a truly immersive gaming experience. Feel every impact, explosion, and movement in the game with precision and accuracy like never before. The adaptive triggers allow for varying levels of tension, adding an extra layer of realism to your games.


The controller also features a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing for easy communication with friends and teammates during online multiplayer games. The PS5 DualSense Edge also includes a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug in your favorite gaming headset for an even more immersive experience.

The controller’s touchpad, motion sensor, and built-in rechargeable battery add even more convenience and functionality to your gaming setup. And with its wireless connection, you can enjoy your favorite games from anywhere in the room without being tethered to your console.

What’s included in the box

  • Wireless controller
  • USB cable
  • Joystick caps – Standard type (included)
  • 2 Joystick caps – High dome type
  • 2 Joystick caps – Low dome type
  • 2 Rear buttons – Lever type
  • 2 Rear buttons – Half dome type
  • Housing connector
  • Carrying case
  • User manual