With the Remington Keratin Protect 19-28 mm Wand CI83V6 you create beautiful naturally wavy curls. Exactly what you see a lot on YouTube and television these days. Even if you like curls, this is the curling iron you’re looking for. Because the tongs have a conical shape, you not only have a small curling section, but also a large curling section at your disposal. You create exactly the style you like. And thanks to the included heat-resistant gloves, you can safely twist your hair around the tongs. The Remington Keratin Protect 19-288mm Wand CI83V6 is enriched with keratin and almond oil and gradually releases on the hair when heated. These substances take care of your hair while you are curling it. . The keratin offers your hair extra protection and restores your hair from dryness. The almond oil nourishes your hair and gives you extra shine. In addition, this curling iron has a PRO+ mode in which you curl your hair at a low temperature. Your locks will remain healthy and will not be damaged at this temperature.