The Xiaomi Dreame T20 is a convenient vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic filtration system. This will help you clean all corners and floors very easily and quickly.

Quiet and powerful

The Xiaomi Dreame T20’s built-in Space 4.0 Turbo engine generates up to 25,000 Pa of suction power. This vacuum cleaner cleans perfectly furry carpets as well as floors. Its brush, with a special V-shaped motored brush, quickly removes dirt and hair from carpets and floors. The Smart Sensing technology, integrated into the suction nozzle, automatically adjusts the brush speed. All this according to the type of floor is cleaned and ensuring you an optimal and efficient cleaning. The Xiaomi Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner has four suction modes (energy-saving, standard, automatic and turbo). This will allow you to clean according to your needs.

Dreame T20 is a new, powerful wireless vacuum cleaner with a color display


  • Smart Sensing
  • Space 4.0 Turbo engine
  • 5-step filtration
  • 8-step noise reduction
  • V-shaped brush
  • 2-in-1 charging and storage station
  • Digital display
  • Four suction modes

What’s in the box?

The box contains a Xiaomi Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner, an electric main brush, a mini electric brush, a soft dust brush, a crevice tool, an extension tube, a wall charging and storage station, a charging cable, a power adapter and user manual.